Save Jacob’s Ladder

If you waJacob’s Laddernt somewhere to view compulsive addictive behavior, swing by Jacob’s Ladder (Cardiac Hill) any old day of the week, and there you will find us. Sweaty Betty’s of all shapes and sizes going up and down the 241 concrete steps, which hang at a 43 degree angle off the side of Mt Eliza. Every person has their own special reason for being there, whether it is simply for fitness, too many business lunches or training for the Kokoda trail / Mt Everest, you name it, they are there. You can run, walk, limp or slowly trundle up the steep incline (doing well to keep to the left, if you don’t want to be bowled over by the descending herds). You can do it once, twice, thirty times, no one cares, because everyone is just looking at their feet. Even when you get to the top, don’t be surprised if no one talks to you, it isn’t that they don’t want to, it is just there isn’t enough air in their lungs. I have found some comfort in knowing that the Mounts Hospital is at the bottom of the ladder , but I pity the fools who would have carry/drag me down there.

Jacob’s LadderJacob’s Ladder was originally constructed in 1909 and consisted of 221 jarrah steps. During the 1960’s the ladder became somewhat dangerous and was replaced with a concrete version. Interestingly, it was a local who gave the ladder its name when they placed a sign reading “This way to Jacob’s Ladder”.

My grandparents actually met and fell in love at the top of Jacob’s Ladder in the 1920’s, where the turnstile use to be .

Trying To Pull Down The Icon

It was recently announced that the Perth City Council are considering removing Jacob’s Ladder permanently so they can build more high rises. It is so so typical….. I shall keep you informed of further developments (pardon the pun).

So where can you find this horror hill ? It is at the end of Cliff Street, West Perth (near the King’s Park entrance) or an easier way is to simply follow the trail of sweat. Just a word of warning I would be careful what you touch eg, handrails, seats, water fountain , I wasn’t kidding about the trail of sweat!



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2 responses to “Save Jacob’s Ladder

  1. Sandgroper

    Great story about cricketer Alastair Cook’s run in with the stairs at Jacob’s Ladder in Perth. You can find the story on this link
    It would be an absolute shame if the Council removed Jacob’s Ladder for the sake of another Highrise. Come on Perth, don’t let another one of our landmarks disappear.

  2. startup says : I absolutely agree with this !

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