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Paul Omodei Jr is the Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Winner

Its official, Paul Omodei Jr, today, has won the Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition in Cromwell, NewPaul Omodei Jr Zealand. The Manjimup lad has successfully spat the longest distance to claim the title and send the trophy back to Manjimup, Western Australia. The winning spit was just under 12m. Michael Robertson has also successfully defended his New Zealand pip spitting title and will be heading back to Manjimup on the 8th of December to try and regain the GlobeVista Cherry Pip Spitting Australasian title. This is going to make the weekends competition in Manjimup an interesting battle, as the Mt Barker winner Mark Vitler, spat 12.1 metres and is going to be spitting at the event too. The prize will be a trip to New Zealand to defend the title. I suggest anyone who is in Western Australia on the 8th of December and can spit to make their way to Manjimup for the event.

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